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Our Staff
Meet our highly trained staff. ROLLOVER photos for their personal biographies.

Michael Hollingshead
Owner / Manager / PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer / Master Service Technician
John Temple
Assistant Manager John Temple:
Started Diving in 1977; 1982 passed I.T.C. at PADI College in San Diego; Has certified over 1500 Divers

Being a part of ESDS for so long has given me countless opportunities: meeting thousands of people on a recreational basis, helping them achieve their goals, and experience our awesome Underwater World! I’ve taken groups of divers too far away locations including Vancouver Island, BC, San Juan Islands in Washington, California's Channel Islands, Cozumel, Belize, Bonaire, Roatan, Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, and most recently Palau.

Ed Rogers:
Started diving in 1985. Became an Instructor in 1988. Certified over 1200 students.

My primary function at ESDE is that of Service Technician, working on all brands of regulators, BC's and tanks.
I enjoy diving the Northwest, mainly because of the diversity of marine life and the challenge - and knowing that Northwest Divers are the BEST!
Ed Rogers

Master Service Technician / PADI IDC Staff Instructor
Ron Vearrier
PADI Course Director / Director of the Ron Vearrier:
My life is SCUBA. 1993 Received Instructor Rating with PADI 1995 – Joined ESDS staff 1998 – Certified PADI Course Director Certified well over 1600 students from open-water up through Instructor

I challenge each of my students to be strong, responsible and safe. I have a passion for the sport, which shows in every classroom session, every pool session and every check out weekend.
University of Oregon SCUBA Program

Diana Hollingshead
PADI IDC Staff Instructor / PADI Habitat Diver Instructor for the Oregon Coast Aquarium / AAUS Scientific Diver / Dive for a CureDiana Hollingshead:
1992 – Started Diving in MI; 1994 - Certified through the U of O SCUBA program; 1997 – Became Staff Instructor at ESDS

Since becoming an instructor, I have actively continued my education and currently hold an IDC Staff Instructor certification, DAN Professional Instructor rating and I am a AAUS Scientific Diver.

I have been diving primarily but not exclusively, in the Pacific Northwest. I have also dove the Midwest, all over California, Lake Tahoe NV, around Vancouver Island B.C., and numerous tropical destinations. My favorite diving is right here in the Pacific Northwest.

In 2000, I wrote the PADI Habitat Diver Specialty for the Oregon Coast Aquarium to train volunteer divers for the Aquarium. This is the outline that is still in use at the Aquarium and currently I teach several classes a year for the Oregon Coast Aquarium through Eugene Skin Divers Supply.

I also stay very busy with our two daughters, Hannah - a certified diver and Abigail - soon to be certified. Outside of diving, I enjoy spending time with our 2 dogs, 5 horses, 2 cats and a wonderful husband, whom you have probably already met. Or I am at the Oregon Coast Aquarium or involved with Dive for a Cure.

Our Independent Contractor Instructors
Meet our highly trained instructors. ROLLOVER photos for their personal biographies.

Mike Allen
I have been diving with ESDS since 1989 and became a Staff Instructor in 1997. I slowly worked my way up to higher levels of certification until I decided that teaching others to dive was something that I really enjoyed doing. This allowed me to gain valuable experience as a diver prior to beginning my instructor career. Since becoming an instructor, I have continued my education and currently hold an IDC Staff Instructor rating. I have been diving all over the Northwest and California and have been fortunate enough to travel to some tropical destinations such as Hawaii and the Caribbean. I hope to be able to travel to the South Pacific in the near future. My favorite diving would have to be Night Diving since it allows you to focus in on things that are only in reach of your light. Night Diving ROCKS! Outside of diving, I have worked for Mckenzie-Willamette Hospital for 9 years as a Systems Analyst.
Mike Allen
PADI Course Director

Brian Cochran
PADI Open Water Scuba InstructorBrian Cochran:
1999 - Open Water Certification 2000 – Certified Rescue Diver 2001 – PADI Open Water Instructor

All of the courses I’ve taken have deepened my passion for diving. I guess teaching others about the adventure that life has to offer has become my calling. I hope to see you in the water someday soon!

Chris GreenChris Green:
2001 - Open Water Certified

I was openwater certified in 1992 in Southern California. I spent the next few years shore diving off the coast of California and Catalina in search of lobster and spearfishing. I enrolled in the LCC Scuba program with my son as his buddy, and have been going great guns ever since. I am the president of the Lane County Sheriff's Dive team and a Public Safety diving instructor for both PADI and PSDA. I am also a volunteer diver at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and a Habitat Instructor for the Aquarium. I also specialize in full face mask diving and full face specialty.

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Don Heer:
1996 – Open Water Certified 1999 –Became a Dive Master 2000 – Open Water Instructor Currently head instructor of the Lane Community College SCUBA program.

My family has always been divers. My uncle who had the greatest effect on my life worked with Jacques Cousteau building some of the first underwater camera housings. I have gained a wealth of experience in our local diving areas both fresh and salt water, and decided that I wanted to help others enjoy diving as much as I did.
Don Heer

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor / Director of Lane Community College Program

Troy KnabeTroy Knabe:
2004 - Open Water Certified

I started diving 7 years ago, when my 9 year old son announced that he wanted to learn. For the first few years our diving was mostly hunting crab in the jetty and a couple of trips to Hawaii. Since then it has truly become a family endeavor and the focus of most of our recreational time together. When my son started high school I switched from coaching his sports teams to teaching as instructor with ESDS and I love every minute of it. Scuba is an activity that we can do as a family now, and in the years to come.

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Joe McCoy
1993 - Open Water Certification; 2000 – DiveMaster; 2002 – Assistant Instructor; 2005 – Open Water Instructor Yes, I’ve been diving a long time, and I still have a passion for it! I love teaching all the various levels of certification and specialties. With each class, I look forward to the opportunity meeting and making new friends and dive buddies. Northwest diving is simply amazing. I’ve had the privilege to dive “a few” locations outside the NW. But I have learned that I love coming home to dive. The NW has so many opportunities for divers and really nothing beats a NW Diver!! If your ever looking for an opportunity to dive, please feel free to contact me.
Joe McCoy
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Margaret McKenney
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Margaret McKenney:
1986 - Open Water certification; 1988 – Dive Master Certification; 1989 – Master SCUBA Diver Certification; 1993 - Scuba Instructor; 1997 - Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Trained over 1000 certified divers; Logged over 2500 dives

As my "day job" consists of supervising programs in an indoor swimming pool, it's only natural for me to combine my love of SCUBA diving and years of swim teaching, something I have been doing over 15 years now! I am able to offer Weekend Open Water classes through River Road pool, as well as can also provide SASY/SCUBA introductions for age 5 on up.
Travis Soles:
Certified as an Open Water Diver, with PADI, at the University of Oregon by Eugene Skin Divers Supply in 1992. Became a Divemaster, with PADI, in January of 1995 and helped teach at U of O and OSU. Became an Open Water instructor, with PADI, and taught at U of O, OSU, and for ESDS in August of 1995. Between 1995 and 2001 I actively taught and obtained Specialty Instructor ratings in the following: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Deep Diver, Night Diver, Project Aware, Search & Recovery, Underwater Navigator, Multilevel Diver, Dry Suit, Drift, Altitude, and in September of 2001 I obtained my Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating. In 1998, in addition to teaching for U of O, and ESDS, I began teaching with Under Water Works in Tigard, Oregon. In 1998 I began Volunteering with Canby Fire & Rescue and quickly became involved with their Swift Water Rescue program and the Clackamas Regional Water Rescue Consortium. I was certified as a Swiftwater Rescue Technician through Rescue 3 International. In June of 2000 I was hired by Gresham Fire & Emergency Services. In July 2001, I became the Lead Instructor for Gresham Fire’s Water Rescue Program and Water Rescue Team members; training the entire department to Operations level certification in Swiftwater Rescue and Water Rescue Team members to Technician level certification. In September of 2002, I was assigned to the Gresham Fire Dive Team, which at the time was partnered with Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO). I provided training to Dive Team members, acted as a medic for the team, and was a lead diver for the team. In March of 2003, I was certified to the level of Dive Rescue I through Dive Rescue International. In May of 2007, the Gresham Fire Department divers were transitioned from a partnership with MCSO to a new partnership with Portland Fire & Rescue. Between 2010 and 2012, I obtained additional Specialty Instructor ratings in the following: Boat Instructor, Equipment Specialist, Full Face Mask Diver, and Public Safety Diver all through PADI. In June of 2012, I became an NFPA Dive Rescue Task Book Examiner for the Department of Public Safety Standards & Training (DPSST). I am currently the only public safety diver recognized by DPSST as having the authority to certify other agencies in the State of Oregon in Dive Rescue. I currently hold over 1000 dives logged in teaching, over 400 additional dives in personal diving, and over 300 dives in Public Safety Diving.

Travis Soles
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer / NFPA Dive Rescue Task Book Examiner for the Department of Public Safety Standards & Training (DPSST)



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